I’m an idealistic person. To tell the the truth, I might just be a lil too much idealistic. According to the Web, idealists think too much, and do too little. Sounds like me huh.

I feel deeply about many things. Yet the complexities of world will never be in the least be comprehensible to me. It’s time I begun to feel that my expectations exceed my capabilites.

We’ve always been told since a young age how we’re special, and each unique in our own way. And when time comes, we eventually face disappointment – that it isn’t remotely possible to achieve what we wanted in the beginning. Our childhood dreams consisted of being doctors, lawyers, scientists – how high are the odds that each and every one of us will have our dreams fulfilled? The drop between expectations and reality is far, and tough. One classic example would be how our expectations for A grades in primary school have fallen to C grades in secondary school, and even further to a sub-pass right now. As we lower our expectations, we learn to be content with the status quo. That I feel is regrettable.

I want to protect the environment, to save endangered animals, and rescue undernourished children from abject poverty. Will this eventually be possible? Fat hope.


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