[GP] The media and the truth

I can’t bring myself to do any work for the GP paper tomorrow, so why not here? Here goes my attempt to taint my blog with GP trash.

Media outlets serve as mouthpieces for the government, and should not be trusted. (False)

The media as the Fourth Estate, can pose as a visible threat to the government if gone unregulated. Governments have over ages, maintained careful control over what messages were translated to the public such as the case of many socialist nations. Yet, as the world matures, and we see nations develop, the media has grown as an important institution to a rising number of young democracies. It has been allowed to privatize as the media’s reach has seen exponential growth. Examples including news outlet Al Jazeera, and even in reputedly “totalitarian” countries such as Singapore, the media has gained boldness in publishing political criticism in an effort to engender more meaningful political dialogue. It is clear that while dictatorships still exist today, they are the minority in an increasingly globalized world.

Media outlets are profit motivated, and should not be trusted. (False)

The media is profit motivated precisely because it needs to secure profits by being credible. It is superficial to say that the media will spin lies just to garner ratings, as the modern consumer has wide access to global media, and is very well informed. Consumers now have the ability to use their own discretion and decide if news sources are trustworthy or not. Falsified or sensationalised sources are summarily relegated to the ranks of tabloid news. On the other hand, those who practice objective reporting and report only hard facts are the ones who secure the most profits. News vendors such as the New York Times, the BBC, and Al Jazeera are well known for their quality content, and remain a high reputation among international readers. Profit motivation should not be why we should distrust the media.

Media outlets report subjective and culturally biased news, and should not be trusted. (False)

Information will always be to a certain extent, biased and culturally slanted. Be it from the BBC’s objective POV, or from the depths of North Korean isloation, it is inevitable that people by nature view things from their own lenses. As consumers of information, we should embrace the diversity brought about by the mass media – evidently, the clearest picture of any event at all can only be brought about by opening ourselves to the myriad perspectives that the world’s various cultural groups offer. This modern phenomenon has only been made possible our increasingly easy access to information via the mass media.


ok I’m feeling too damn lazy to do another point.


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