Bury the promos!!!

Promos officially ended today for me with the last H2 Lit paper, a bittersweet ending that didn’t feel too bad since I’d unofficially concluded my exams before the lit papers even began. Bad student but I digress haha

Not having the need to study has left kind of a void in my life, perhaps a sign that I lack a life?? I’d be climbing, swimming right now, but my darnation of a knee has delegated me to imo less intense stuff like shopping and cooking. IS THIS THE LIFE FOR ME haha I do love baking and cooking but not when the sky’s amazingly cloud-free and when the sun and clouds are having sort of a good hair day. It really sucks to be stuck indoors when I could be out there doing a million other things and meeting a million other people.

Other activities don’t interest me as much. Shopping gets bothersome after awhile – I love clothes and clothes and clothes but me being me, I’m too much of a bum to even try on outfits before purchase. I lose interest after 5 stores or so. Blame it on the enormous sizes at major clothing retailers; I need XS, not S that doesn’t fit me.

Cooking/baking is my thing – I love challenging recipes and meals that allow room for creativity. I’d put a ton of onions in my stir fry – I really love onions that much. What’s preventing me from doing this is the darn stove that has chosen of all times to go bust. An attempt to turn it on the other day resulted in a resounding bang – a literal bang; there was a tiny explosion. I used to cook for myself during the previous holidays. For now, I’m relegated to the ranks of takeaway meals.

With regards to both, the major problem would be my lack of cash – baking is so expensive in Singapore! Berries cost a bomb here and buying whipping cream or mascarpone cheese is akin to daylight robbery. Shopping very evidently costs a lot – you’d want to buy what you want right?? Given my indecisiveness and poverty as a student, I usually take 99999 hours to deliberate my decision to buy any ingredient or shirt. That sucks right on.

I miss climbing and swimming so badly!!!!!! So desperately wanting to go to the Botanic Gardens – Youtube videos tire awhile after being endlessly cooped up at home. I am in dire need of some vitamin D and some refreshing sunlight!!!!! I implore you someone please go with me to the park :(((((

It seems that I blog about mundane matters when I don’t feel much. Such is when I’m in a state of emotionless I’d say??? I’ve created an askfm mainly out of curiosity and boredom so here goes – ask me questions at ask.fm/jiahuik and I’ll try not to be sarcastic okkkok ok


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