I will never cease to be amazed by how there’s something to be learnt from everything. Here’s a collection of what I’ve been pondering about lately.

Damn this phrase is in Chinese but 活到老学到老. Everything I’ve gone through seems to have happened for a reason – whether for good or bad, I feel that every person I’ve met, every experience I’ve been through has contributed to my existence (or inexperience) in one way or another. I am so, so very thankful for all that I’ve been through.

On that note, I was recently asked during truth or dare: who would you want most to be if given the choice to be an entirely different person? It struck me then that I had no answer to that. I do often at times envy other girls for their looks/intelligence/character traits, but I’ve never yearned to be in their places. I’m content to be myself (minus one leg) in spite of my million flaws. Don’t those flaws give me dimension? I’d otherwise just be a moldable barrel o goo. (bad analogy) this preciesly is what makes each one of us unique in our on way. Whatever it is, I’ll never give up being me 🙂

Isn’t it amazing how dynamic human characters are? There’s simply too much too be learnt and too little time to do so. Who am I, to be stuck in school 24/7 given the wide possibilities the world offers?

I’ve realised also that I tend to zone out very often. HAHAHA this makes me sound like a drooly daydreamer but no definitely not. In social settings I do at times lose focus in the main conversation and get lost in my own thoughts. This might be how I reflect on events happening around me???? Man this is weird.

Ok I need to stop – it’s getting late so I’ll save the rest for another day 🙂


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