Monday neverday

Man seriously I had this long post typed out and it failed to save. What a bummer. Here I go again:

Dinz with the papa on saturday – we had italian at balmoral

Sophie/sophia thin crust


Crab meat and spinach cannelloni


It was really enjoyable especially with how I love the quiet atmosphere in that area! I’LL BE BACK FOR THE TIRAMISUUUU

Then after we headed down to the pet shop to check out this meowz we’re planning to adopt



What a beautiful creature! We’ve gotta make the tough decision whether to take her in by Monday, and I really have no idea if we should. She’d be a lovely addition to the family and cats don’t require all that maintenance vs dogs, but I’d want to give her my all if we did adopt her. There’s no point in adopting pets and then neglecting them – I’m totally against pets as prezzies.


Sunday I went to church as usual with the couzzzzz and family. We had thai for lunch and PORN’S and it was great, even better than thai express.

It was pretty amusing – only 10mins into the meal did we realise we were sitting next to Rebecca Lim (joel had to tell me LOL i didn’t know her name before this) and only after we left did we tell the folks they were sitting next to an actress HAHAHAHAHA
Just a thought but are celebrities paranoid or something?? She kinda kept glancing around even though we weren’t looking much at her. Perhaps it’s something that comes with fame that people recognise you in public more often, and said individual becomes more conscious of his/her surroundings??

Moving on, apparently the elusive ah gong was a rich shaoye back in his days, and owned a lot of land in taiwan. He purportedly smoked away all our property because of his opium addiction before coming to sg to escape the war then. Popz says we own some land now and he wants to set up an inn in taiwan. Sounds like another of his insane ideas as usual HAHAHHAHAA but car-talk today was all about our magical taiwan dreams for the future

Reunited with miko for the week! She’s such a babe




I need no guy if i have my dear miko bb


Sadly it’ll be monday-schoolday in another 9 hours or so. So much for “relationship mastery” and “resume writing lessons”

I’ll end this post off with a book for the night – a first in ages


Looks dead boring-intellectual but it’s oh so goooooooood! Brings me 10 years back to when I was so fascinated by ancient pyramids and stuff as a kid :)))


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