Real partying!!!!

Presenting: the annual real party sleepover

I arrived late because of pw sleepover and was deathly exhausted but had fun with my pw mateys

ded cho-le




And then I had no idea why but shim proceeded to tie me pigtails whilst on the train. Might consider this look in the future if I somehow decide to undergo an image revamp



Dinner at wimbly lu with the BEST waffles in town

Wimbly lu has the BEST waffles in Singapore, I really need to put this out there. The waffles were simply delicious – crispy on the external and soft but fluffy on the inside. Absolutely delightful. Can’t wait to bring biggest waffle fan mumsy here to try it out. The only downer’s that it’s quite a distance from the nearest bus stop -it’s quite ulu so we might drive here weeehooooo.

Real party real waffle waiting
Prata at serangoon gardens

I’m just going on and on with pictures because I have nothing to say about this – time spent was essentially fun and laughter with the girls. There’s no way to describe it ha


Really thankful for the wonderful people I’ve found in this group of friends – something I’ve found over time to be irreplaceable.


The 2nd night we talked late into the night on the rooftop pool with its amazing view. It didn’t seem like we were in Singapore, the atmosphere felt close to when I was on holiday in Perth.

What’s it called? We had htht heart to heart talk – mostly finding out about what people truly think about me and vice versa. I apparently am “the most likely to kiss a total stranger” well this says a lot about the impression I give off HAHAHA (reckless, high etc) On further thinking I actually realised that I do pay a lot of thought to the things that I do – I plan and evaluate decisions with care before proceeding. The gist here is that I tend to deviate from my initial judgement when faced with reality – I follow intuition rather judgement. This explains why I’m so indecisive (huilin probably might say: YA YES), reason being I’d prefer making the best decision. Yet almost always in the spur of the moment, I do something entirely unexpected – this usually makes for good outcomes except in rare scenarios (like how I injured my knee).

Ah well that’s all for today 🙂 this post is a random mishmash of unfaithfully edited photos please enjoy

Ps. Idgi how people use the word FFS especially more than twice in a sentence. ‘for fuck’s sake’ sounds so darn vulgar. Does using it multiple times make you seem cooler/angrier??? I might attempt this too: FFS why do people use this phrase anymore FFS I’ve been… ugh i just can’t


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