Whaaaaat am I


Very accurately sums up my morning with the pw homies and cho le

I love how the blog is turning out. It’s really interesting to see how my thoughts have developed since Day 1 – my words are still heavy handed every here and there, but originally intention was anyway to construct a diary of some sort for personal charting. Why not Dayre? It’s really popular nowadays and is great to find out what’s going on through, yet it seems to give off a less interpersonal vibe. Blogging on wordpress feels more cordial, more comfortably familiar. Dayre seems more like a second instagram – to tell others about your life, rather than yourself. Also dude, it has 500 word limit. I sound like a snob but no I deign to place such a restriction on my thoughts. On that note though, the inexplicably cute stickers on the app are pretty tempting.

Last month I started talking yet again to a boy I haven’t spoken to in ages. Friendships are fragile, almost ethereal things, Beautiful as some are, we tread carefully on some, and trod all over others. It’s a matter of being comfortable. A desirable friendship would be one of comfortable silences and heart-pumping conversations that never do end. That’s optimal, but no, life ain’t a pot of honey. Most often of times Mr. Superficiality sweeps in but that’s a story for another day.

The haze sucked today. I stepped out of JEM into a billowing cloud of dust. My lungs were emptied of fresh air.

I’m itching for activity and sunshine. I crave the joy of new discovery every walk brings, the exhilarating adrenaline rush when I turn new corners and take steps out of sight. I yearn to feel the ache in my muscles each climb brings, the eager anticipation and the voice in my head urging me on towards the peak. Most of all, that generous feeling of accomplishment when I complete a new route. That’s what I’d call amazeballs.

cr borneoadventure.com

What a breathtaking view. Ha ha but anyone up for hiking up Kinabalu with me after A’s?


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