Picture a metonymy for laziness

Wassup it’s been a gracious week 🙂 90% of time was probably spent doing pw, but being with the group was all the same delightful. Pw has had me writing so much lately so blergh I’ll do a picture post for today


Unfortunately this book was overdue lol what an oversight on my part. I couldn’t renew it so I’ll be going back to the library for it.


An indecisive scrooge like me only ever buys things on impulse. (After 10 years of consideration)



Spontaneous trip to MBS. Unpredictability spurs me forward uhuhuhuhuhhh

Not forgetting… PW MADNESS






I really do love my pw group 🙂 We nua around a whole lot, but still get things done. Yet along the way we form wonderful bonds and have tremendous fun he he he he


Kthxbye I’m done

No la I’m not done yet

I’ve been on carousell lately and oh boy what an awkward texter I am. Have I mentioned how much I hate texting? I don’t mind the occasional text etc but 1-1 texts aha I really cannot maintain. Maybe I shy from commitment lol I really don’t mind group chats but 1-1s really are such a chore sometimes. I like talking to people, but typing is such a bore. If only people these days called and didn’t text – do I not belong in this generation? Anyway sorry friends esp those whom I’ve yet to reply to. ESP THOSE WHO I’VE DAOED FOR A FEW DAYS 😦 please do pardon this lazy soul.

Texting just feels real superficial – so many nuances of speech are lost in such an impersonal way of communication.

In other news, I’ve been walking a lot without my knee brace! It’s damn wobbly but the thought of having to put on that monstrosity of a fashion item is terrifying. Nah jk it’s just too much hot – I’d melt. For now I’m doing a lot of calf raises to build muscles, and to be able to climb stairs again would be stupendous! I’ve taken so many things for granted before this. Really. Well that’s fine I’ll just get stronger. But boohooo my right leg’s as limp as a rotten avocado rn

Calf raises will make me strong!!!! I shall persevere till the day I run

Motivation: post As melbourne trip! No trip this year but my goal will be in clear view.

I can’t wait to run and rock climb again!


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