project work – my legit i&r (draft)

On my way home after OP and I’ll have to write this down before I forget to do so. Plus I&R’s a total pain in the ass, like in what alternate reality will I genuinely reflect on has happened by improving on my strategies???????? so here goes –




PW was a whirlwind of an experience.

Firstly, let’s have the mandatory factual information put down first. Today, 3 Nov 2014, RV080 (in speaking order, Liwen, Chloe, Justin, me, Xingyun) completed our OP on TechYESkids in TR12, at the 11.30am time slot, with Ms Anna Chan and Ms Shoba as our assessors. We had RV081 and RV079 as our student audience, after an initial mishap in which we did not fulfill the required 8-people-audience criteria. Much thanks goes out to RV081 who spent their precious rehearsal time watching our presentation :’)))

Finishing OP was similar to getting off a rollercoaster. You go “phew” but still feel “whoa, that wasn’t as bad as it seemed to be. it was amazing. can i go again?” evident as it is, OP was kinda fun.

My hands were literally sweating cold sweat as I waited for my turn (fourth speaker after Justin). We were all so nervous! Chocho even left cold sweat drops on the computer’s keyboard (according to singfun)

We all waited with bated breath as justina spoke, for his video exhibition to proceed smoothly. Still, it went as planned, and we were so relieved. And as singfun recited our concluding statement, the genuine grins on our faces as we stood up to conclude with a cheesy pose were so, so vibrant. It was like smiling, but with a cramp in your face that couldn’t be stopped :))))) AND, it was like being a proud mama when your child wins an award.


“TechYESkids is a multi-pronged blablabla… tech(shout YES!!!!)kids for further implementation in the future (complete with a cheesy futuristic pose)!”


Literally happiness on drugs! A meagre attempt sum up my feelings in that moment would be: joy, that the fruits of our labour were paid in full; pride, for our wonderful and wholesome project; a tinge of fear that it was all an illusion; an immense sense of relief, that it was finally all over, and that we managed to conclude it on a high note. Our WA group name that night was really apt: “DO IT ONCE, DO IT GOOD”


What a bunch of idiots we were, that in the few hours before our OP, we played frisbee, soccer, and basketball at the hostel basketball court with two Thai exchange students who were amazingly friendly. (i was ((trying)) to shoot hoops while they kicked the ball around) Mr Lam saw us and he too was so appalled. Thereafter I was overcome with a wave of exhaustion, just like the feeling one might experience immediately after PE/exercise – a feeling of intense nuaness and emptiness. We were so sweaty and disheveled from the games, I felt so unprepared and unready. Who does that before OP??? Well, us, and that explains very well our group dynamics. (bunch of madness)

You’d know from reading the above, that some miracle happened, and our presentation was as perfect as it could be, even with each and every one of our flaws.

Really, I am so so so much thankful for being blessed by being in this group. Thank God, that each of and every one of us were placed in this group to form a (gaggle of beaches). What a stroke of luck, that Mr Lam put us all in the same team.



PW has left me with so many wonderful and vivid experiences.

– Our first meeting, whereby we met at Star Vista and did absolutely nothing but engage in an emotional conversation 7-10 (in which we, at that point of time, still barely knew each other)


– Our (many) meetings, in which we set out an agenda that we never do follow, as we eventually proceed to have entirely irrelevant conversations. These meetings end with us being “aw shucks we did nothing. ok so we’ll to do this and do that before an allocated time” (very evidently, most of our work gets done when we aren’t together) still, we’ve progressed far to be several times more productive (esp for OP)


– Our sleepovers, whereby justina sleeps on the floor for no good reason, and times flies like no other


– Justina’s “eh guys i got something to tell you all” and then he proceeds to tell us about some irrelevant and unimportant stuff (e.g. “eh guys i got something to tell you. <insert unimportant content>”)


– Chocho’s brother lulu (lucas), whom we met at her house preparing for OP, and how his obnoxiousness makes him seem so comical


– Singfun’s tremendous fits of laughter, and her bombshell farts that make a dumpster seem almost pleasant


– Chocho’s itchy sofa at her temporary house, filled with dirt I shall not mention


– Lien’s and Justina’s moments of shared camaraderie as the rest of us engaged in ‘ghetto talk’ in preparation for OP


– Those moments I try to decide on something and they go: “aiya just tell her to buy this so that she’ll buy that” (they know me better than myself (!))


– Also, when I do something perfectly fine, and chocho and singfun break out into a medley of “there she goes again”


– Those moments in which we try to scold each other and don’t actual mean it LOL (this really can’t be described)


– Our “GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MOMENTS” omg and us being brutally honest with each other


– Moments of sudden seriousness, such as when we realised we weren’t up to par a few days before OP, and launched into a wave of intense practice to do an entire revamp of our project that was risky, last-minute, and time-consuming


– I’ll add more when I remember bc stuff like these never end :)))))))


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