Precious nua-ish day with lil sissy playing frisbee and lazing in the sun all day (till it rained)


Pat to the bingsu! For $4.80 I don’t think it was worth it, but still it was good all the same. It makes wonder why I spend so much on food I can easily make at home, and at a lower cost huh. I’ve been too lazy to cook lately especially with the spoilt stove 😦 probably the reason why my bank account balance has been depleting so rapidly


I… can’t wait uniqlo to replenish their stock so I can buy a cheap white tee. Embarrassing but the topshop one makes my upper body look huge like those female swimmers lol

The rain led us to the library. I found this book I’ve been reading and had to return because it was overdue.

Guess what…

My dear bookmark was in the exact same spot!


Life’s little surprises 🙂 it’ll do good to remind myself to be thankful for what I already have.


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