B for Brunch

Woke up adequately late today (9.30am) and headed to holland v for the almighty, powerful BRUNCH with the family.



Baker and cook was the choice of the day – egg benedict + french toast + random lil tidbits

(pardon me for my virgin attempt at documenting my day)

Thereafter we headed to a nearby butcher –



Got some apple sage & rosemary sausages woooo but I’ll get choriso the next time

Decision of the day: wooden or steel

Aaand then a baking shop termed along the lines of lemons etc etc, whereby we engaged in fascinating conversation with a lady about group herbs HAHAHAHA probably because it was a… well domesticated shop.


Lastly, jelita’s cold storage to pick up some stuff and cider for the afternoon!

The day has been good thus far, really appreciate these minute occasions spent with the family. It used be grocery trips to the supermaket (with kap as our favourite haunt) but our busy schedules have changed so much that such trips are really a rarity now. Yeap so I’m really thankful for this lazy family weekend of mine đŸ™‚ might go wash the car later on ha

Ending off with a quote of the morning:


(Please don’t smoke here – the cockroaches are getting cancer)

This really made me laugh ehehe


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