jclp day 6

All prepared to go to court today! Skipped the supreme court visits and went instead for two ptc hearings at the state courts with my mentor.

What an enlightening experience! Especially for an individual who has never stepped into a courtroom till this month.

My thoughts are really incoherent so I’ll do point form for now!

fact(s) of the day:

1. my mentor is really really so legitly cool!! sincerely sorry for bothering him with my never ending questions and so thankful for him actually bothering to entertain ne

2. to add on to the coolness – lawyers in the firm go for muay thai sessions during lunch to get refreshed

3. lawyers walk and move and write with amazing speed – idgi how my mentor navigates that pull bag with such swiftness HAHAHHAA

4. terrible waiting times at the state courts, along with the usage of the dreaded queue number

5. it amazes me how some people go to court for the smallest of things, while being utterly and unbelievably unreasonable

6. yet at the same time, it’s unfair how some people don’t get access to legal representation – and risk more severe verdicts

7. lawyers gossip too (about judges for example)

8. lawyers work real hard – my mentor had to cancel leave for just these 2 short hearings

9. not all lawyers kick ass (some have no idea what’s going on)

10. judges have intriguing offices

11. dressing in black and white makes me feel important and cool but ha it’s just a farce

12. inter alia, a word I’ve learnt today: interlocutory (seen and learnt, so many new words over the past few days, while reading affidavits and whatnot – again, always amazed at how there’s always something to learn each and every day)

13. it’s kinda interesting to read affidavits and their tabs (evidence) provided at the back – which include photo evidence, possible phone calls, company documents etc etc. this is shallow but reading email exchanges in case files does make for an engaging experience also. (still can’t get the hang of sending legit emails)

14. I still don’t know when to shake hands or not – or rather, I’m still pretty uncertain about introducing myself hahaha damn

15. with reference to the above, it’s dreadfully awkward being put in an entirely foreign environment, especially with not knowing how to behave in a formal setting – but I’ve seen and experienced so many things i never would have 🙂


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