What an accomplishment! I’ve not touched my phone since 12 yesterday. It feels surprisingly refreshing to not be constantly chained to my phone – to not always be intuitively picking it up to scroll through wa/insta etc (cool! sudden realisation I only use these two apps all the time)

I miss jclp. It’s either the thrill of meeting new people, or (i’ll shamefully admit) the glamour of being in court. I don’t know. What I do know is how jclp, and its attendees, made me realise how such a closet community rv can be, to a certain extent. There are perks, to having a “bonded” batch. By that I mean familiar faces, and how everyone can easily match a name to a face. It’s warm, and comfortable to be in, but it feels stagnant – void of fresh ideas, personalities, you know what I mean. We also aren’t equipped to deal with external forces (??? help THE WORD IS ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE). Cue rvians generally sticking to each other at inter-school events. Let’s not forget too the ghastly blocks of red clumping together when this happens (red school blazer). I’m guilty of this too sometimes ha ha ha so sorry aha

I daresay the school lacks racial diversity. Definitely the perks of being in a SAP school – what chinese has done for me (C6 hcl). Only realised this during an attempt to voice “酸 suan” (context: was describing the physical status of my feet) while speaking to a non-Chinese speaking friend. I couldn’t find an english substitute for it – pain doesn’t accurately encompass the meaning of suan. At play too might be my distinct lack of vocabulary, but this would accurately illustrate what I meant. We’re simply not accustomed to interacting with a larger variety of people.

ps. kinda surprising people actually read these garbage i write i mean some don’t make sense ha ha ha ha


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