earth bound


i miss phuket

i miss thai food

and fresh fish
and the pungent smell of thai fish sauce
and the blend of spices that give rise to a party in your mouth; who confuse and amaze as sweet salty and sour invade your tastebuds
and the shallow delight we take in savouring cheap seafood
and yet the sour feeling at prices in touristy food establishments
and eventually the accomplishment one realises in “eating with the locals”

i miss phuket’s beaches

i miss the parasails
and how adrenaline pumps through one’s veins as you take off
and the blinding ocean as you look down from heaven
and the salty breeze that makes your sun-crackled lips go dry
and the feeling of falling but not; the threshold between flight and a plunge

i miss swimming
and snorkelling
and approaching fish that squirm away from giants
and being utterly enthralled by the corals in the tummy of the ocean
and while doing so mourning the loss of life from environmental degredation
and realising that pertinent to this as a tourist you contribute to consumerism and the development of the tourist industry which in turn causes all these damage
and yet being ever so thankful for globalisation and the opportunity to be on a special part of the world

i miss being on holiday

and being stranger to all around you
and being equal to what you’ll experience
and being where you’re a nobody, yet a somebody


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