first school weekend

Friday: consultation with mezz, got IS topic settled, seniors visited, mama’s birthday


Saturday: gym-ed with xuanfie, got some sweat and cardio in whoop whoop; got my friggin wisdom tooth checked out, nothing was done – i swear agony from this tooth is the reason why I’m saving so much from not eating

foreboding ugness: my curry went splatter all over after this

Sunday: woke up late, missed church, did the usual

A really mundane weekend. Gonna expect a gazillion more weekends like this to come as the school year opens 😦 really wanting to go out for dinner/lunch but there’s such a sore lack of time.

On the bright side, I’m exercising again!!!!! But with a cost – my knee swells up terribly after each session, and I usually have to walk with an annoying limp the day after. Still, I’m glad for being able to keep in shape 🙂

Might be checking out some dogs with naomi next weeek i can’t waaaait


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