singapore’s trouble with alcohol

Parliament: New Bill tabled to ban public consumption of alcohol from 10.30pm to 7am islandwide

More nannying by the state. More to support foreign perception of Singapore as a “fine” city.

How will this affect businesses? Enforcement? Applying for a ‘Liquor Consumption Permit’ to drink in a park at night? Who’d actually bother?

Existing statutes related to public drunkenness are already in place. What reason then, to include a law banning the consumption of alcohol? Responsible individuals should be allowed to drink as and when they desire. Any more than that, drunkards incapable of maintaining public order are under current legislation, liable to a fine or punishment.

Australia has done this before, but with reason. Sales in the Sydney CBD district were put under a limited ban to prevent a long standing issue of alcohol-fueled violence. Even that was met with a call for a more targeted approach; to review the venues put under a ban. The one we’re dealing with here applies island wide.

Why are we spending time debating on redundant issues?

This is pragmatism gone overboard. A knee-jerk reaction to the Little India incident. It’s actually ridiculous to the point of being funny.


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