smiling more and thoughts about the sg identity

Today I smiled at a stranger. Not something I do all the time (because you’d usually get insane stares for doing so in singapore). It kind of cheered me up because everyone else on the bus had this look on:


I’ve decided to smile at one stranger a day (at least) and shan’t give up even if I receive odd stares in return. LET’S MAKE SINGAPORE A MORE CHEERFUL PLACE OK!!

Today in cse we talked about the Chinese identity. It got me caught up in my thoughts about the Singaporean identity. I was pretty befuddled by how I couldn’t at all come up with anything to describe our country. Are we a nation? Mezz and chia say that being a nation means having similar culture, history, tradition and languages etc etc.

What then comprises local culture? Are singaporeans of one nation? Are we purely a state – a political entity with only economic success to our name?

Our national icon – the merlion, was a result of government engineering by the local tourism authorities. What unifies us? Seeing mbs AH

What then forms the singaporean identity? We identify with singlish, kiasu-ism, a sense of entitlement, and an inclination to complain. Are we simply characterised by negative traits? Singlish isn’t say a bad thing, but some might associate it with a lack of proper speaking capability. Why then do our local djs put on american accents? (same goes for everyone else) p.s. read this article about adaptive accents – when people put on an accent based on lifestyle/to allow people to understand them better (pretty reasonable)

Honestly speaking I’d say being singaporean means loving food. Local food. Singaporeans really love food. We’re proud of our laksa, chicken rice, char kway teow, and our pratas. We got into an argument with our neighbours on who invented the chilli crab. Still, our food culture stands vaguely next to that of Malaysia. Can it still be counted unique?

If nothing else makes sense, then I’d put forward that what makes us most singaporean is singing ndp songs. The average singaporean has been through this – belting out our favourite ndp songs during primary school celebrations in our childhood. I feel most patriotic during ndp celebrations (seriously). My heart swells and my throat catches – on second thought national education has certainly suceeded in this aspect.  p.p.s. mezz says that american schools don’t do national education – what makes them them then?

Let’s conclude for now that what makes us (ok me at least) singaporean is singing ndp songs.

ALRIGHT this has been an incoherent mess of thoughts. bye for now hehehe


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