taxi talk

I’m really happy today! Really! When I’m happy I smile more and it’s surprising how random people actually return the smile/begin a conversation (more exclamation marks too when I’m happy). Ok la my words are smirking at me as I speak but!!!

Well today kieren said that my acl isn’t broken – it’s just lax (ok la not a fab sign but! still!) Thank God omg for not having me go through all that nonsense again.

On the way to alexandra today I started up a conversation with mr taxi driver. Was intially planning to read my book but ended doing otherwise heh.Talked to him about drunk passengers and how alcohol-fueled arguments begin; curious tourists – how in awe of sg’s green and clean streets they usually are; odd erp gantry placements, with an especially ridiculous one at the fuji xerox building (gantry’s apparently fixed right near its entrance). It was hence a particularly enjoyable ride.

On my way home I talked to uncle no. 2. He told me how he liked the kinda colonial style buildings at the hospital, and his numerous past experiences there. In the 90s his daughter went into labour in the at the hospital gates, and delivered there – right in the back of a car. COOL RIGHT

At clarke quay with real party we had a brief conversation with uncle no. 3 – about thaipusam and themed bars and tourists.

Taxi drivers are real interesting mmhmhmm I used to listen in when my parents chatted with taxi drivers while on holiday. It’s good fun okokok


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