pretty interesting

(the video doesn’t load! go watch it plz)

Here’s the article:

Singapore migrant workers compete in poetry contest

18 March 2015 Last updated at 21:55 GMT

Singapore is home to a community of about 100,000 Bengali men who work as labourers.

They work mainly in the construction industry, building the skyscrapers that have come to define the skyline and sending most of what they earn back home to support their families.

But many Singaporeans are oblivious to the experiences of these men living away from home.

Now the Bengali community has organised a poetry competition to give them a voice.

Sharif was a finalist and Zakir Hussain was the winner, as judged by Singaporean poets, and in this video they perform their poetry.

Camera and editing: Aimran Supardi. Producer: Saira Asher.

Translation: Shivaji Das and Gopika Jadeja with Debabrata Basu, Souradip Bhattacharya, Tapos Biswas and Pooja Nansi.


P.S. Can’t help not doing homework sigh sigh sigh sigh


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