Hi guys! No long post (tons of work to do) but – syf has been wonderful! Not the end result, but clearly the enduring process of music and camaraderie.

SYF, or rather, the event itself was not the best performance we put up. It was to have stood for a culmination of our efforts – an eventual showcase of the blood (figuratively), sweat, and tears we put into our preparation as musicians. We made mistakes, fell short of personal standards, but did relatively well. It was indeed a shame we couldn’t, or didn’t give our best. Even more so in the presence of professional, qualified judges that would’ve given us technical comments, and most importantly, that would have truly understood our love for the music.

Music exchange was to me, the best performance (feelings-wise). This isn’t universal – some of us experienced deeper emotions in differing practices. What’s most important is at least, the very fact that we enjoyed the music. The joint reality that we, an orchestra, sailed through the youthful seas of chuan ge (船歌), and marched together in beat to the rhythmic cadence of bing ma yong (秦兵马俑).

That of which, I immensely enjoy. 大家辛苦了!


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