Today, for the first time in my six years at RV, I attended the annual parent-teacher meeting. For no particular reason whatsoever but the fact that there was going to be CCA after that. (so shun bian la)

It quite amusing too – mezz was explaining to mama that the US isn’t a black hole of danger, but an actual, legitimate place where people don’t always carry guns all the time. Prince was also hilarious. BEST. TEACHER. ever. He barely talked about lit, but spoke on a whole bunch of hoooha, and then even whispered surreptitiously – he thought lowly of gp as a subject bla bla (new fact: he was a gp teacher for 20 years if I’m not wrong) – all while the adjacent table held a gp teacher. Ms Cheng too, spoke on how I seem to be unfocused (ha ha ha ha bad gp grades) and (ha ha ha ha) my inattentiveness in class. OK la all in all it was pretty meh/ordinary/boring.

Had my last co performance EVER (I think), and it feels strangely disconcerting to not have CCA anymore. Said this many times before, but.t.t.t.t..t.t..

To end off:



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