You know for sure that you’ve been  unhealthy lately when you burp at 11.30pm, and sneak a whiff of that pair of cold vegetable croquettes you had for dinner an hour or so earlier. Repeat x10 and that’s about how my meals have gone the past week. Junk, more junk, and only junk. My new trashy meal decisions fit perfectly with the library’s opening and closing hours.

Day 1: Leibniz biscuits on sale? Great, we’ll have butter biscuits for lunch – at the library – sneakily under the nose of the sharp eyed librarians. Saves us too, the trouble of heading out for lunch.

Day 2: More flavours? Awesome! Let’s get the chocolate one for lunch, then the spelt oats one for dinner! Pair that with the pack of caramelised biscuits I bought 3 for $10 the night before, and we’re all set.

Day 3: Meiji animal biscuits retailing at $0.80? That’s lunch settled.

Day 4: Bad sore throat. Let’s abandon the biscuits. Damn, the food court’s packed. Fried crepes then!

Day 5: TGIF indeed! Let’s hurry and grab Isetan’s discounted clearance croquettes for dinner! Or was that supper? (+ ice cream for lunch)

First time in months I’ve been eating so badly. More too, by obligation than by choice. Damn you, the A levels!


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