117 days to the As and I feel so fed up??? Everything is still moving at such a slow pace and the teachers are still easy going – it’s just this general sense of inefficiency idk man. And. It feels as though I’m not working hard enough yet. I don’t think I’ve maxed myself out yet but there’s simply (again) not enough time???? I wish humans didn’t need to sleep – it’s such a darn pleasure yet a freaking burden – it wastes so much time!

And damn school projects my sister’s reciting To Kill A Mockingbird f***ing 24/7 in a f***ing Southern accent and it’s f***ing annoying. Damn you Atticus damn you judge damn you book!!!! I can’t bring myself to swear but I just did and now all I feel like doing is punching a darn hole in the wall. Ugh I simply can’t stand being at home there’s nothing to eat – I buy things to eat and everyone else gobbles them up before I get to eat at all –  and nothing at all and brb gonna freeze at the library tmr because I have no jacket to wear. OK I feel as whiny as Newland Archer right now and as irresolute as the Rev. Gardner – I feel so s o so so frustrated!


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