2016 in a really big nutshell

The year’s finally coming to a close! 2016 feels as if though it has stretched on forever. Really. So much has conspired.

(cheating because I consider the post-As period in Dec a 2016 too)

For personal review, and in chronological order (sry for the spam this is just for future JH to read):

I made up for a year of procrastination in 2014 (2015)IMG_8104.jpg

Whilst doing so, made new friends

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 5.14.48 PM.png

And reinforced precious friendshipsIMG_0362.JPG


Then FINALLY graduated (2015)

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 5.14.34 PM.png

Bumbled around loads (2015)IMG_2136.jpg

Became a brown potatoIMG_2347.jpg

Realised in Taiwan that I was kinda into mountainsIMG_3080.jpg

Climbed a small oneIMG_3632.jpg

Which was beautifulIMG_3631.jpg

Then returned to reality and the working world

Started cooking moreIMG_5427.jpg

Might’ve eaten too muchIMG_5451.jpg

Took on Hanoi with the girlsScreen Shot 2016-12-31 at 5.13.59 PM.png

Gave yunsq a sewing machine (God knows what happened to it)IMG_5568.JPG

Oh! This is insignificant but paid a visit to botanics w/o any clue I was destined to be sequestered there for the next 4 years IMG_5691.jpg

Cycled a lot aloneIMG_5817.jpg

Sometimes with friendsIMG_6375.jpg

Sometimes with friends but on footIMG_2271.jpg

Phob’s birthday!!IMG_6561.jpg

Went through a whole lot of confusion about uni decisionsIMG_6865.jpg

Baked a cake w/o flour for Joshua and was hella proud of itIMG_6991.jpg

Popped byIMG_0374.jpgIMG_0365.jpg a few POPs

Then had a working stint at CPF IMG_0712.jpgthat made me rethink things I was once content aboutIMG_0775.jpg

Left because it was the uni application season! And interviews galoreIMG_1073.jpg

Worked at a waterparkIMG_1689.jpg

Whilst entertaining the idea of a reality entirely different from the one nowIMG_1951.JPG

Met tons of new friends!!IMG_1964.jpg

Too bad I never went thereIMG_1985.JPG

Worked at a consultancy firmIMG_2430.JPG

While the waterpark thing was still ongoingIMG_2621.JPG

Went to JBIMG_2178.JPG

Eventually left the waterpark job (which was a huge eye opener I do not regret)IMG_3213.JPG

Why? Law camp first haIMG_3354.JPG

Which was alright la. But Japan was better. Oh and more POPs!!IMG_3424.jpgIMG_3418.jpg


Ok and finally Japan happenedIMG_3944.jpg

And for the sake of time, Mt Fuji to top it all offIMG_6123.JPG

Then law school happened and my life ended 🙂 jk haha I’m thankful for so many things but JH U R TOO LAZY BC IT IS TIME FOR DINNER. Immensely thankful for Sem 1 and the precious people I’ve met in school (so so so so thankful). All by pure luck. 2015 was a year of personal growth, and 2016 a year of radical change. Aiyo 2016 you have been such a gracious year.


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