feeling rather dissatisfied/unhappy in school rn (i dare not use depressed – it implies much more than simple unhappiness but unhappiness is itself too mild? too easy to dismiss)? i’m still on top of my work but boredom finally peaked this week and i’m finding it exasperatingly hard to focus. not because the content’s tough or anything – it’s actually easier this year because idk law is a niche area and i’m now more used how it’s meant to be studied. this is even though we’re going through much tougher topics in y2.

didn’t help also that I had a semi-debate with Z over lunch over his very unconvincing reasons for staying in law – tldr the usuals like: the sunken cost fallacy/$$$$$$ etc. won’t go into that but those aren’t good reasons for wasting away your youth studying for certain goals achievable in possibly more feasible means.

just left the study room because of this sudden, intense feeling of frustration – not with the subject matter or anything, but merely the current state of things!!!! how does E/the y2s from the previous batch spend entire days!!! in the study room!! from day to night!! maybe it’s the feeling of not having much to look forward to? or maybe it’s the lack of feeling if any at all

as edurn says (ad verbatim): “<sigh> one day at a time”

yay the 3.30pm bus is a surround sound cacophony of clickety clack because we r all workaholics yay !!



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hi jiahui wish u could do more to negate the vissicitudes of life we all have but those r of varied intensity in separate circumstances. u r quite incapable u cannot remedy everything but console a friend in distress 

2016 in a really big nutshell

The year’s finally coming to a close! 2016 feels as if though it has stretched on forever. Really. So much has conspired.

(cheating because I consider the post-As period in Dec a 2016 too)

For personal review, and in chronological order (sry for the spam this is just for future JH to read):

I made up for a year of procrastination in 2014 (2015)IMG_8104.jpg

Whilst doing so, made new friends

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 5.14.48 PM.png

And reinforced precious friendshipsIMG_0362.JPG


Then FINALLY graduated (2015)

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 5.14.34 PM.png

Bumbled around loads (2015)IMG_2136.jpg

Became a brown potatoIMG_2347.jpg

Realised in Taiwan that I was kinda into mountainsIMG_3080.jpg

Climbed a small oneIMG_3632.jpg

Which was beautifulIMG_3631.jpg

Then returned to reality and the working world

Started cooking moreIMG_5427.jpg

Might’ve eaten too muchIMG_5451.jpg

Took on Hanoi with the girlsScreen Shot 2016-12-31 at 5.13.59 PM.png

Gave yunsq a sewing machine (God knows what happened to it)IMG_5568.JPG

Oh! This is insignificant but paid a visit to botanics w/o any clue I was destined to be sequestered there for the next 4 years IMG_5691.jpg

Cycled a lot aloneIMG_5817.jpg

Sometimes with friendsIMG_6375.jpg

Sometimes with friends but on footIMG_2271.jpg

Phob’s birthday!!IMG_6561.jpg

Went through a whole lot of confusion about uni decisionsIMG_6865.jpg

Baked a cake w/o flour for Joshua and was hella proud of itIMG_6991.jpg

Popped byIMG_0374.jpgIMG_0365.jpg a few POPs

Then had a working stint at CPF IMG_0712.jpgthat made me rethink things I was once content aboutIMG_0775.jpg

Left because it was the uni application season! And interviews galoreIMG_1073.jpg

Worked at a waterparkIMG_1689.jpg

Whilst entertaining the idea of a reality entirely different from the one nowIMG_1951.JPG

Met tons of new friends!!IMG_1964.jpg

Too bad I never went thereIMG_1985.JPG

Worked at a consultancy firmIMG_2430.JPG

While the waterpark thing was still ongoingIMG_2621.JPG

Went to JBIMG_2178.JPG

Eventually left the waterpark job (which was a huge eye opener I do not regret)IMG_3213.JPG

Why? Law camp first haIMG_3354.JPG

Which was alright la. But Japan was better. Oh and more POPs!!IMG_3424.jpgIMG_3418.jpg


Ok and finally Japan happenedIMG_3944.jpg

And for the sake of time, Mt Fuji to top it all offIMG_6123.JPG

Then law school happened and my life ended 🙂 jk haha I’m thankful for so many things but JH U R TOO LAZY BC IT IS TIME FOR DINNER. Immensely thankful for Sem 1 and the precious people I’ve met in school (so so so so thankful). All by pure luck. 2015 was a year of personal growth, and 2016 a year of radical change. Aiyo 2016 you have been such a gracious year.