Note to self: remember to be human, and not apathetic!!

In SLIC today Prof Tan related some personal anecdotes he had with human rights lawyer M Ravi. What a fascinating figure! It’s easy to lapse into passiveness despite being cognisant of issues we feel about. Hugely inspired and perplexed by his relentless will to fight for issues that should ideally be worthy causes!

As stated by KT: Ravi is running several arguments that we find interesting – for that reason he receives a lot of support and funding from QCs/local lawyers/academics. IMO he seems like a proxy that speaks for us issues we don’t broach for fear of public repercussion? I’m guilty of this too haha we are all hypocrites. (side note: I love lit and how I am constantly finding things that relate back to what AMS was about – the individual/society and idealism/reality)


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post-recess week short update

Saw this somewhere on my feed (thank you Joyo). Think it encapsulates exactly what I’ve been thinking about lately. JC was good. I was motivated – hopeful for greater days to come. Thought I’d find purpose in college, but progress has been lacklustre so far.

QOTD with Freeman and Gaby a few days back: “what I treasure society does not”

PS. I’ve recently been writing in shorter sentences – props to legal writing and Wydick haha damn u old English

the lesson of the moth

i was talking to a moth
the other evening
he was trying to break into
an electric light bulb
and fry himself on the wires

why do you fellows
pull this stunt i asked him
because it is the conventional
thing for moths or why
if that had been an uncovered
candle instead of an electric
light bulb you would
now be a small unsightly cinder
have you no sense

plenty of it he answered
but at times we get tired
of using it
we get bored with the routine
and crave beauty
and excitement
fire is beautiful
and we know that if we get
too close it will kill us
but what does that matter
it is better to be happy
for a moment
and be burned up with beauty
than to live a long time
and be bored all the while
so we wad all our life up
into one little roll
and then we shoot the roll
that is what life is for
it is better to be a part of beauty
for one instant and then cease to
exist than to exist forever
and never be a part of beauty
our attitude toward life
is come easy go easy
we are like human beings
used to be before they became
too civilized to enjoy themselves

and before i could argue him
out of his philosophy
he went and immolated himself
on a patent cigar lighter
i do not agree with him
myself i would rather have
half the happiness and twice
the longevity

but at the same time i wish
there was something i wanted
as badly as he wanted to fry himself

by Don Marquis


island building and international law

Massive Island-Building and International Law

for keepsakes 

So, I had a college interview today. It was fun, casual, and entertaining; the interviewer was cool and welcoming. I may or may not have done well. 

Largest takeaway of the day – Jiahui, slow down. I need to speak slowly, clearly, and deliberately. Not explode in a gush of words and sounds that stand inaccurate to my disposition. 

On that note:

I wrote this down somewhere else – but I’d like to have it in permanence here 

“today at MBS the sky was scarily huge and the sea was blue and wonderful; at Labrador the coastal hills smelt like how a sea salt lick should; at West Coast the robins were all fluttering along insipid wooden boats without a care. riding makes me feel strangely melancholic. like how reading murakami does. like we’re small and impermanent, and the world is a giant golem all amazing and ancient, then there goes insignificant Jiahui throttling along on her tiny little roadie”

It’s as if though life swept through in a grouchy hurricane – a sudden, intense feeling of being overwhelmed by just the very state of being. This was in passing mention yesterday. Life is wonderful and fascinating. I love living.


is it odd, to not drink coffee, but maintain a frequent proclivity to coffee crusted mugs? mugs that smell like the aftermath of a caffeine laced morning. mugs that hold fresh tap water, but also the hidden dregs of ancient coffee celebrations.


Finally over and done with my IS. Thanks zhonghao for the binding (thought I forgot to take a picture of it) and qinping for helping me bring it home!! Super grateful to Chia and Mezz – today they skipped the celebrations just to settle IS stuff. This IS has indeed been an art in procrastination but I’ve made it through, and very surprisingly without any huge setbacks. I hope I’ve successfully conquered 6% of the As – right now the only thing I can do is to work my ass off. No more chilling no more long lunches no more joking no more inefficiency. No regrets!